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Announcement from the Library

Library books of the TUJ Campus available for residents

 The library of the Temple University Japan will lend its books at Minato City libraries starting Feb.1.
 Minato City and the Temple University Japan (main campus is in Pennsylvania,USA) have concluded a basic agreement on cooperation. This library cooperation system will be launched according to the agreement.
Open to:People who hold a Minato City library card
Rented material:Library books (excl.Magazines,Videos and DVDs)
Number of items/rental period:Up to 3 books for 2 weeks
Check out method:Search for the books you wish to borrow through Temple University,Japan Campus Library website and apply by submitting request cards at city library counters.The Temple University URL is
Inquiries:Mutual Cooperation Cordinator,Library Section.Minato City Library,Tel.3437-6621