Using the Materials

Borrowing books or library materials for the first time

If you live, work, or attend school within the 23 cities of Tokyo, you can receive a library card. To issue, reissue, or change your library card registration, please apply by mail or in person at our reception desk.

  • Living within the 23 cities of Tokyo
    Please bring proof of identification with your address on it (such as a health insurance card, a valid driver's license or forign resident registration card).
  • Working or attending school within the 23 cities of Tokyo
    Please bring proof of identification with your address (such as a health insurance card or valid driver's license) and another identification form that can confirm employment/school attendance and the address (such as an employee ID card, certificate of employment or a student ID card). Business cards are not acceptable.

*If you are applying by mail, please enclose a copy of your identification as listed above, an application form, and reply envelope (with name and address filled out and 84-yen stamp affixed).

*Address: Administrator in charge of applications by mail, Mita Library Fudanotsuji Square 5-36-4 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014

Library Card

  • The library card is valid for 2 years. You can check the validity period at “My Library” on the library’s website.
  • When renewing your library card, please prepare the same confirmation documents that you used when you registered.
  • If the library card expires, you will not be able to lend or reserve materials. If a year passes since the expiration date, you will have to register again as a new user.
  • The library card can be used at all Minato City libraries.
  • Only the owner of a library card is allowed to use the card.
  • The card may not be usable if it is bent or folded. Please take good care of it.
  • When your address or telephone number is changed, or if you lose your card, please make arrangements to alter the card or replace it.

When you are borrowing

Please present your library card with books, CDs, and/or other materials to the service counter.

  • Borrowing Period: 2 weeks
    Please confirm the return deadline. If you delay a return, you may be suspended from borrowing.
  • Please take good care of the books and other materials borrowed from the library.
    If you lose or damage library property, you will be responsible to make reparation in kind for the books or materials. However, videos and DVDs will be handled differently, so please notify the service counter.
  • Number of books or materials that can be borrowed at one time(in the overall 6 libraries)
    • Books, Magazines 15
    • CDs 5 Titles
    • Videos (Minato Library) 3 Titles
    • DVDs (Minato Library) 2 Titles


When you are returning borrowed books or other materials You may return books and other materials to any library in Minato City (6 locations). Please return them to the library service counter. To return books and magazines on a day the library is closed or after office hours, please put them in the return box. A Book Return Box is also located at the Lifelong Learning Center entrance (3-16-13 Shinbashi, Minato City), Minato City Local History Museum (4-6-2 Shirokanedai, Minato City) and the Swimming Pools Building entrance of the Minato City Sports Center (3-1-19, Shibaura, Minato City) in addition to the six city libraries. So please use whichever is convenient for you. Books cannot be returned from December 28 through January 4.

  • For CDs/videos/DVDs, because they break easily, be sure to return them directly to the service counter.
  • Please rewind the videos before returning them.
  • When you want to extend the borrowing period
    The borrowing period is extendable. The extension period is 2 weeks from the requested date.
  • The request can be accepted by telephone.
    However, if we have a reservation for those materials or if the return date has passed, we will be unable to grant an extension request.
  • An extension request can be made only once.


  • About the request and reservation of books/magazines/CDs and other materials
    • If you cannot find a book or magazine in our library, submit a request/reservation card. You can reserve books and materials that are in the possession of Minato City libraries by using the search terminals in the libraries or on the Internet.
    • If you cannot find the books you wish in the Minato City libraries, we will look for them in the metropolitan libraries or libraries in other cities within the Tokyo area.
  • Number of books that can be requested at one time (within the overall 6 libraries in Minato City)
    • Books and Magazines: Up to 15 (The most recent issue of a magazine cannot be borrowed.)
    • CD, Video, DVD: Up to a total of 10 titles (The number of CDs: up to 5 titles; Videos: 3 titles; DVDs: 2 titles)
  • How to Make a Reservation
    • Please fill in the "Books/Magazines Request Card" or "Audiovisual Media Reservation Card," and submit it to the service counter.
    • A reservation may be made from the search terminal of each library.
    • You can also a make a reservation on the Internet.
  • Search Terminal and Internet Reservation
    • You will need to have a temporary password to make a reservation. Please note that the password is issued in person only.
  • Cautions when Making a Reservation
    • A reservation by telephone will not be accepted.
    • If the requested item is already being reserved for another member, you will be put on a waiting list.
    • We will let you know as soon as the reserved material is available. Please visit the library within a week and complete the borrowing procedure.

*For details regarding the search terminal and Internet reservations, please refer to the page "Reservation and Request service".

Regarding lost or damaged library materials

Library materials are public resources. Please handle them with care.

Please notify the library if you have lost any library materials. If you have torn, stained or otherwise damaged any library materials, please notify the library without attempting to repair or clean them yourself. Library rules stipulate that you will be responsible for the replacement costs of any lost or damaged materials if deemed necessary.
With the exception of videos and DVDs, you will generally be expected to replace the lost or damaged item(s) with the same item(s) in good condition. You will lose library borrowing privileges if you fail to do so by the specified deadline.
Even if replacement is deemed unnecessary, you must submit the “Library Materials (Lost / Stained / Damaged) Form.”

  • Books and Magazines
    Books and magazines must be replaced in the following cases:
    • Water damage such as ripples or blurred text. Stains or smears from food or drink, etc. Also, when there are hygiene concerns due to foreign substances on pages, etc.
    • Damaged materials (damage to cover or page(s), torn or missing pages, etc.)
    • Materials that have been written in (and cannot be restored to their original condition)
    • Materials with bite marks from small children or pets, etc.
    • When an appendix or other accompanying material has been lost, stained, torn or otherwise damaged
  • CDs
    CDs must be replaced in the following cases:
    • The CD is damaged, cracked or broken and cannot be restored to its original condition
    • The CD cannot be played due to dirt or damage, etc.
    • The CD could damage the CD player if used
    • The explanatory leaflet or lyrics booklet has been lost, stained or damaged

    *You will not be required to replace the outer or inner case if it has been lost or damaged. However, you must submit the “Library Materials (Lost / Stained / Damaged) Form” if the case has been lost.

  • Videos and DVDs
    Replacement costs must be paid for videos or DVDs in the following cases:
    • The item is damaged, cracked or broken and cannot be returned to its original condition
    • The item cannot be played due to dirt or damage, etc.
    • The item could damage the video player or DVD player, if used
    • The explanatory leaflet or other accompanying material has been lost, stained or damaged

    *Library patrons cannot directly replace these items themselves due to the copyright law permissions required for loaning out commercially available videos or DVDs as library materials. Instead, you will be required to pay a set replacement fee. This fee will be more expensive than the standard sale price of the item(s) because it also includes compensatory copyright payments.
    *You are not required to replace the outer case if it has been lost, stained or damaged. However, you must submit the “Library Materials (Lost / Stained / Damaged) Form” if the case has been lost.

  • Other Cautionary Points
    • If you cannot replace the lost materials with something similar, the library will specify what materials you will need to compensate.
    • These policies also apply to damaged or lost library materials borrowed from other municipalities.
    • If you cannot replace a lost magazine with the same issue of that magazine, you will be asked to purchase the most recent issue instead.
    • Please be aware that replacement costs will not be refunded even if you find the missing library material(s) after the replacement procedures have been completed.
    • Please also be aware that the library does not assume responsibility for any damage to CD or DVD players, etc., that occurs while using audiovisual library materials.

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