Public Wireless LAN service (Minato City Wi-Fi)

You can use this public wireless LAN service to access the internet with your own wireless LAN-compatible device, such as your own computer or tablet.

  • Please prepare your own device, such as your computer or tablet, to connect to the public wireless LAN service.
  • There are also some seats where you cannot use your own computer. Please check with each library.

Requests for users of this service

  1. Please be considerate of the other people around you when using your device, such as by setting your device’s volume settings to mute, etc.
  2. You can use this service to connect to the internet free of charge, but each individual user is responsible for any costs of other services used or accessed online.
  3. This service uses web filtering to protect young users. Please be aware that you may not be able to view some websites, etc., with this service. Furthermore, we cannot respond to questions about whether or not individual websites are accessible via this service.
  4. The library does not take any responsibility for user damage incurred while connected to this service or due to being unable to connect to this service.
  5. For information on how to connect to Minato City Wi-Fi, please see the following website.

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