Reference Materials/Donations of Materials

Reference Materials

  • Besides general books, the libraries have reference materials that can be used to find detailed information. These materials include encyclopedias, specialized subject books for specific fields, dictionaries, maps, pictorial books, chronological tables, and various directories, including who's who directories, and are located at each library. Some of them may be not available for borrowing, but you can use them all within the library.
  • Especially, the "Minato Library" has many kinds of materials as a "Reference Material Area." It has collections of city administrative materials centered in Minato City (printed publications from the Minato City, or Tokyo), local history and information books (general publications), and reference materials and books (such as dictionaries, yearbooks, and house maps), and they are all available for access.

Donations of Materials

The Minato City libraries will accept your donation of reference materials.
If you wish to make a donation, please bring it to the service counter of a City library. When donating materials, please accept these conditions:

  • For library operational reasons, some donated materials may not be suitable for storing on library shelves.
  • The donated materials may be transferred to other libraries or public facilities.
  • The donated materials may be used as recycle materials to promote the effective use of resources.
  • We will be unable to provide a location search for donated materials.

*Furthermore, because of copyright issues, we will be unable to accept video and DVD donations.

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