Reference (consultations, etc.)

About Reference Service

The Minato City Library is happy to help you with your research. If you have any questions on the use of library resources (e.g., how to look up the origins of place names in Minato City), we can show you how to find information and introduce you to materials available in the library collections.
Please feel free to ask for help at the library reference counter or talk to a librarian.

We cannot answer questions of the following types:

  • Legal consultations, medical consultations, consultations on other matters that should be provided or answered by professionals
  • Life counseling, deciphering of documents, and other matters that require personal judgement
  • Homework questions, quizzes, and other questions that require direct answers
  • Personal questions
  • Other questions that the Library finds inappropriate

*Use “Ref Search” to answer questions about Minato City. Go to “Ref Search”

Websites with information about Minato City:

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