How to Search for a Book

Using Search Terminals in the Libraries

Each Library has Search Terminals you can use to examine the collections of the Minato City Libraries. There are two types: touch panel and keyboard.
The touch-panel type can be used to touch the Katakana or Alphabet shown on the display to input a title or an author's name.
The keyboard type is similar to the kind used on personal computers; the title or author's name can be entered by the keyboard.
If you have any questions regarding these operations, please ask an attendant at the library service counter.

Search from the Library's home page

Roughly speaking, there two search methods in the "How to search" section: "Easy Search/Advanced Search/Category Search/Authority Search" and "Search by Book Classification."

Easy Search/Advanced Search/Category Search/Authority Search

You can access all search functions from the [Search Menu].
Please follow the following procedures for searching.

  1. Enter the Search Criteria
  2. Display the List of Research Results
  3. Display the Detailed Information
  4. Add the Books to the Reservation Cart and Request Reservation

1) On the [Enter the Search Criteria] screen

  • For "Easy Search," enter "Keyword" and click the [Start Searching] button to display the results.
  • "Advanced Search" will search the materials, using more-detailed criteria.
  • "Authority Search" will search the materials, using Keywords registered in the Library Data Base.
  • "Category Search" will search the materials, using Category.
  • *You can use Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, and Alphanumeric characters. Both full and half sizes are accepted. This method is not case sensitive.
  • *If you do not know whether the notation system is in Kanji or Hiragana, please enter all characters in Katakana. The system search will be based on the reading sound of the Kanji.

2) Display the List of Research Results

  • *All the results are shown in Japanese.
  • *Click a book title, then the detailed information will be shown.

3) Display of Detailed Information

  • You can display the detailed information of the materials by clicking a title on the [List of the Research Results] screen.
  • *The detailed information includes the Title and the Author's Name, as well as such various information as the Title Code (Reservation Code), Number of Pages, and Book Size.
  • *Also, it will display the name of the Library that has a collection containing the book and its status, whether the book is available or out on loan (the availability is as of the library's closing time on the previous day).
  • *Click the button "Add to the Reservation Cart" to proceed to the next step for the reservation.

4) Add the Books to the Reservation Cart and Request Reservation

  • You can order reservation of the books in the cart all at once by clicking the button "Request Reservation".

Search by Book Classification

A search by the Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC) method. You can use all categories, such as Natural Science, Social Science, Literature, and Industry, to look for materials.

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