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Announcement from the Library

Minato City Libraries will be closed during the special inventory period.


The following facilities will be closed temporarily during the indicated period.

-June 4(Mon.) - 8(Fri.)
Azabu Library

-June 8(Fri.) – 12(Tue.)
Takanawa Library

-June 14(Thu.) – 19(Fri.)
Mita Library

-June 15(Fri.) – 19(Tue.)
Konan Library

-June 21(Thu.) – 26(Tue.)
Minato Library

There will be no special inventory at Akasaka Library as it was relocated on April 1. It will be closed on June 21(the third Thursday) which is a monthly inventory day. Note that Mita, Azabu, Takanawa and Konan Library will be open on June 21.

We will make an inventory of the books, CDs, videotapes and their damages, and check the equipment during the special inventory period.
If the library that you have registered is closed, you can borrow materials at any of the Minato City Libraries with your library card. Please note that you cannot request or borrow the materials housed in closed libraries.

Return borrowed materials in the Book Return Boxes available at any of the Minato City Libraries and the Lifelong Learning Center after library hours or during closure period. For safety reason, however, please return CDs, videotapes and DVDs directly at library counters.

You can put hold on library materials using the internet even during the special inventory period. Please note that it will take longer time than usual to borrow the materials in closed libraries.