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Minato City Library

Takanawa Annex

Minato Library
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Facility Information
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A well-developed Reference Material area
A rich collection of audiovisual materials
Foreign picture books

Characteristics of the Minato Library
The Minato Library is the central library of Minato City, located near the Zojyo-ji in Shiba Park in a very quiet environment. It was established in 1979 as the 30-year anniversary project of the administration of Minato City. There are many city administrative-related materials and local history and information materials in the Reference Material Area. Furthermore, it has a good collection of audiovisual materials, such as CDs and videos. Because many foreigners live in Minato City, this library has an abundant variety of foreign books and children's picture storybooks.

Facility Information
  • Offices
  • Reference Material area(32 seats)
  • Audiovisual corner(CD: 2 seats; Video/DVD/LD: 2 seats)
  • PC area(7 seats)
  • Internet-capable terminal area(4 seats)
  • Face-to-face reading room
  • CCTV
  • Borrowing Counter
  • Bookshelves for generally published materials
  • Newspaper/Magazine area(Newspapers: 8 seats; Magazines: 12 seats)
  • Children's area(10 seats)
  • Audiovisual Hall(80 seats)
  • Meeting Room(60 seats)
  • Reading Room(50 seats)
  • Closed-Access Shelves