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Minato City Library

Takanawa Annex

Mita Library
Access Maps and Library Schedule
Facility Information
Arrangement Diagram of each Library

Large Reading Room
The young adult corner also has many visitors.
Seats for children are also popular and satisfactory with young visitors.

Characteristics of Mita Library
Because it is favorably situated and very close to the JR line and subway stations, Mita Library has the most visitors among Minato City libraries. There are many universities and schools in surrounding areas, therefore many students visit this library. The reading room has the greatest number of seats among Minato City libraries; the entire third floor is used only as a reading room. Moreover, there are some seats to which users can bring their own PCs.

Facility Information
  • Reading Room(154 seats)
  • Two Meeting Rooms(42 seats; 18 seats)
  • Reading seats(48 seats)
  • PC usable seats(24 seats)
  • CCTV
  • Office
  • Borrowing Counter
  • Bookshelves for generally published materials
  • Newspaper/Magazine area(32 seats)
  • Children's area(18 seats)
  • Audiovisual corner(CD: 2 seats)
  • Internet-capable terminal area(2 seats)
  • Audiovisual Hall(100 seats)