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Recommended Books

A theme of this period: "Mozart"

We introduce books about the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart because this year is the 250th anniversary of his birth.<br>Enjoy various books describing the life of Mozart, who died very young at 35, along with his remarkable musical compositions, such as opera.
The books on this page are introduced in a special corner of the Minato Library, 1F. We also have a Mozart corner at the Minato Library, 2F, the audiovisual corner for introducing CDs and videos (March 17 [Friday] - May 17 [Wednesday]).
Please click the titles of books below to check their availability and make reservations. If you wish to make a reservation on the Internet, you must have a Library card and password.

Please click the titles of booksbelow to check their availability and make reservations.

Magic Sound of Amadeus: Power of idea
Publisher:Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd./ Publication Year: 2003/ Author's Name: Don Campbell
In his short life, Mozart gave more than 600 compositions of beautiful music to the world. How the "pure art" of Mozart music affects human brains. Read the secret to improving your power of ideas. (Japanese version).

Premier Opera Books, 1, Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro
Publisher:Ongaku-no Tomo Sha Corp./ Publication Year: 1987/ Author's Name: Attila Csampai
Mozart produced 22 operas. As a precise architect of opera, he left many vintage operas with beautiful arias that create a marvelous sense of character sentiments and dramatic sensitivity. The Japanese translated edition of he renowned comedy Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), which he created in his mature years.

Walk with Mozart
Publisher:Hakusuisha Publishing Co. Ltd./ Publication Year: 2006/ Author's Name: Henri Gheon
This is a Japanese version of an essay by the French writer, Gheon. He sharply describes Mozart, known as a child prodigy, who was in the audience of Louis XV when only 7 years old and died at 35. It is a book to learn the life of Mozart from a point of view other than a biography of research or as a literary study.

Vienna of Mozart
Publisher:JTB Publishing Inc./ Publication Year: 1995/ Author's Name: Hirota Mikumo/Body Koji Nishimura/Pictures Osamu Ikeuchi/Essay
Mozart had visited Italy three times and spent 10 years in Vienna from the time he became 25 years old until he died, and he left many first-class works in those places. This series introduces his music and life with beautiful pictures. It is the best book by which to trace Mozart's footprints. This series has also Italy of Mozart.