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Minato City Library

Takanawa Annex

Takanawa Library
Access Maps and Library Schedule
Facility Information
Arrangement Diagram of each Library

Space built in wellhole style
Children room
Large Newspaper/Magazine reading corner

Characteristics of the Takanawa Library
The Takanawa Library is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Takanawa Community Plaza, along with the Civic Center and the Takanawa branch office. It has large bookshelves and a large lounge corner with an "elbow-room" layout. This library is the most children-used library in Minato City and has a rich collection of children's books. Users can use dedicated book carts in this large library.

Facility Information
  • Bookshelves for generally published materials(17 seats)
  • Reading Room(30 seats)
  • CCTV
  • Borrowing Counter
  • Bookshelves for generally published materials
  • Closed-Access Shelves
  • Office
  • Newspaper/Magazine area(26 seats)
  • Children's area(16 seats)
  • Audiovisual corner(CD: 2 seats; DVD: 2 seats)
  • PC area(3 seats)
  • Internet-capable terminal area(2 seats)
  • Face-to-face reading room