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Minato City Library

Takanawa Annex

Takanawa Library Annex
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Pretty rooms with brown bookshelfs
Large studying area
Many picture books!

Characteristics of the Takanawa Library Annex
The Takanawa Library Annex, a library basically for students from elementary school to high school, is located on the 3rd floor of the Takanawa Kids-to-Teens Hall.
Because the library is located inside the Takanawa Kids-to-Teens Hall, you need to present your admission card for the building to gain entrance to the library. You also need to show a library card issued by any of the Minato City libraries to borrow books or other library materials from the Takanawa Library Annex.
If you have no library card, you can still use the library by filling out a form at the reception counter on the 1st floor of the building.
As mentioned above, the Takanawa Library Annex is located within the Takanawa Kids-to-Teens Hall, a facility mainly for elementary, junior-high, and high school students. Users aged 18 years or above are therefore requested to receive their reserved books at a facility other than the Takanawa Library Annex.

Facility Information
  • Reference Material area
  • Reading area(4 seats)
  • Studying areas(3 areas, 13 seats)
  • Group studying areas(for 10 persons with PCs)
  • Audiovisual area(2 pairs, 4 seats)
  • Internet-capable terminal area for teens(2 seats)
  • CD listening corner for teens(3 seats)
  • Studying area for teens(15 seats for 1 person and 2 seats for 2 persons)
  • Stools for teens(5)
  • Book Search area(2 machines)
  • Automatic borrowing machines(2, also 1 available on the first floor)