Web Request Agreement

Before making any request, please be sure to search for the material using [Easy Search] (click it to open the screen). Only books and magazines that are confirmed not to be kept at in the Minato City Library system can be requested from [Requests].

Who can make requests?

  • Any person who holds a Minato City Library Card

What materials can be requested?

  • Books and magazines that are not kept in any of the Minato City Library branches
    About magazines: You can request back numbers of a magazine not kept in any of the Minato City Library branches.

How many materials can be requested at one time?

  • Up to 15 materials/person (total of reservations for materials owned by the Minato City Library system and requests for materials not owned by the system)

Materials you cannot request

*Request for the following materials will be declined:

  • Not-yet-published books whose release date have not been announced.
  • Not-yet-published books whose release dates are more than one month ahead.
  • Audiovisual materials (CDs, videos, DVDs)
  • Electronic books
  • Magazines that have not yet been issued
  • Comics
  • Study-aid books, workbooks
  • Pop-up books
  • When the information you provide for a material is unclear


  • If you try to reserve or request more than 15 books and magazines in total, your request will be declined.
  • In most cases, you will be unable to cancel book/magazine requests or change a pickup location. If you need to cancel or change, please contact the service counter at the pickup location as soon as you can.
  • New books and recently issued magazines cannot be borrowed from other public libraries.
  • Materials you borrowed from libraries in other municipalities or the Tokyo Metropolitan Library must be returned to the circulation desk of the library you borrowed the material from.
  • Please note that we may need time to search for a requested material or may be unable to provide you with a material (when, for example, the material is designated for in-library use only).
  • Also note that we may need to call you, if necessary.

If you agree to the above, proceed to [Requests] from the button below.


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