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The "Prominent People of Minato City" is a collection of histories about people who contributed to Japanese societies and cultures through their relations with Minato City. We have chosen these individuals in consideration of their connection to this community, their activities and influences on the current Minato City. Descriptions of their lives include such comments as "born in Shiba Takanawa"; "spent early years at Azabu Junior High School"; "conducted literary activities through the use of a restaurant at Ryudo-cho"; "opened a private school in Minami Aoyama"; "established the museum at Shirokanedai."

Please refer to "Profile" and "Relations to Minato City" for the introduction of each person. "Profile" is organized based on achievements, and "Relations to Minato City" explains how these people are related to this community, including episodes and anecdotes of these relations.

Even if the person is well known from a historical point of view, you might find different aspects of that person in regard to their relationship with the city. Or you may newly discover connections with the person you had been unaware of by using key words related to Minato City, such as "Koyo-kan," "Institute of Infectious Diseases," or "Tokyo Hoso Kyoku (Tokyo Broadcasting)."

This database will help you to learn the achievements and personalities of many important people related to Minato City and to understand the history of the city and the characteristics of the community. Minato City has always been at the center of "Edo-Tokyo" culture and has always influenced the progress of Japanese societies and cultures. And it was supported by the energy from many attractive, interesting, and intelligent people. We hope this biographical database will help you to further enjoy and appreciate the vibrant history of Minato City.

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