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From The True Face of Jiro Aoyama (edited by Kouichi Mori, Ribun Shuppan Co., Ltd.)
Jiro Aoyama関連写真
From The True Face of Jiro Aoyama (edited by Kouichi Mori, Ribun Shuppan Co., Ltd.)

Jiro Aoyama

  • Biography
1901 to 1979. Bookbinder and art critic. Born into a wealthy family, Aoyama was interested in art and movies from a young age and exhibited artistic talent. He was also interested in pottery and in collecting antiques from his early teens, and his critical eye was praised as genius, so much so that he was commissioned at the young age of 26 to catalog 2,000 pieces of Chinese ceramics collected by the entrepreneur Tamisuke Yokogawa. He also bound 2,000 books, including Bungakukai and Sogen Sensho, and to this day they convey to us his unique aesthetics.

  • Association with Minato City
The spirit behind the literary dojo where brilliant minds met, the Aoyama Gakuin

Born in 1901 at 1-chome Shin Hiroo-cho, Azabu Ward (now Minami Azabu), Aoyama was educated at Iikura Primary School and Azabu Junior High School. In 1930 he married the dancer Han Takehara. Once he had set up home with her in Azabu Ichinohashi, his literary friends, such as Hideo Kobayashi, Chuya Nakahara, Tetsutaro Kawakami, Tatsuji Miyoshi, and Shohei Ooka, started to meet at his home after Tatsuo Nagai moved in next door, and the gathering was named Aoyama Gakuin.

Asahi Jinbtsu Jiten (Asahi Biographical Dictionary) (Asahi Shimbun)
Aoyama Jiro-no Sugao (True Face of Jiro Aoyama) (Koichi Mori / Ribun Shuppan)

  • Literary Works
Aoyama Jiro Anthology (Ozawa Shoten)
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  • Related Publications
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