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Tomooki Uesugi

  • Biography
1488-1537. A samurai during the age of provincial wars. Tomooki became the head of the Ogigayatsu Uesugi clan on his merits, even though he was born into a family whose members were not direct heirs to the Uesugi clan. He was the feudal warlord who fought with the Hojos, such as Ujitsuna Hojo and Ujiyasu Hojo, over the hegemony blanketing the Kanto region. However, because Tomooki could not maintain his residence, the Edo Castle, against the force of Ujitsuna Hojo, he retreated to Kawagoe Castle (now in Kawagoe City, Saitama) and perished there without being able to recover his momentum. Tomosada, who succeeded Tomooki, was also defeated by Ujitsuna and lost his life at Kawagoe Castle. The Ogigayatsu Uesugi clan was overthrown when its members died in battle against the forces of Tsunashige and Ujiyasu Hojo.

  • Association with Minato City
Fought a decisive battle in the Battle of Takanawahara

In 1524, the army of Ujitsuna Hojo, attempting to advance into the Kanto region, arrived to attack Tomooki Uesugi of the Ogigayatsu Uesugi clan, based in Edo Castle, and fought with the Uesugi forces at Takanawahara (now Takanawa). Takanawa was named thus because the area was an upland (Takadai) along the coast where there was a straight road (Nawate). The Uesugi forces were routed by the pincer movement of the first Hojo force and the new Hojo force in the battle and barricaded themselves in Edo Castle. They had to abandon the castle and retreat to Kawagoe Castle when the Ota brothers, Suketaka and Sukesada, who were in secret communication with the Hojo forces, opened the gates to let the Hojo forces enter the castle. It is believed that these brothers, who were grandsons of Dokan Ota, had grievances against Tomooki. The Hojo clan flourished after the battle in Takawanahara and eventually conquered the Kanto region.

Kokushi Daijiten (Dictionary of Japanese History) (Yoshikawa Kobunkan)

  • Walking Points
Site of the historic battle of Takanawahara (near Takanawa 3-chome)

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Sengoku Kanto Meisho Retsuden (Collection of Biographies of Famous Warlords of Kanto in the Age of Provincial Wars) (Ryogo Shima/Zuisosha)
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