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Tadasuke O-oka

  • Biography
1677-1751. A daimyo. The direct retainer of the shogun, Tadasuke became a daimyo as well as a sojaban (an official in charge of the ceremonies) by rising through the ranks of the Yamada magistrate, town magistrate, and temples and shrines magistrate not because he enjoyed the deep confidence of the eighth shogun, Yoshimune, but because he was recognized for his honest and capable work. He was so trusted that when he requested to retire because of his age, he was begged to stay on at least as a sojaban, if not as a temples and shrines magistrate. In particular, as a town magistrate, he had focused his efforts on civil affairs, including the establishment of the Koishikawa Care Center and the town firemen, and he had also displayed his ability in economic policies by reducing the price of rice and condemning the money changers who had driven up the market price of rice in Edo.

  • Association with Minato City
Worshipped at the Toyokawa Inari Shrine in Akasaka

Tadasuke had the strong impression of being the famous magistrate who was hard on criminals and kind to commoners, but most stories of arrests and human interest anecdotes were fiction based on Chinese books and episodes of other characters. The real image of Tadasuke was that of an ideal government official who worked honestly from the standpoint of commoners by focusing on community building in Edo, development of new areas of interest, and issuing policies for controlling price increases. Toyokawa Inari Shrine was a place of worship by such a person as Tadasuke. The Toyokawa Inari Branch Shrine in Akasaka Tokyo began as a traveling shrine that was installed for worship between its domain, Mikawakoku (now the city of Okazaki) and the mansion in Akasaka Hitotsugi (site of the old Akasaka Elementary School). It moved to its present location in Meiji and is always busy with worshippers seeking good business through prayers. It is an Inari deity appropriate for the busy commercial center of Akasaka.

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  • Walking Points
Akasaka Toyokawa Inari Betsuin, Tokyo (1-4-7 Moto Akasaka)

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