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Ranpo Edogawa

  • Biography
1894-1965. Writer. After graduating from the Socioeconomics Department of Waseda University, he had a series of jobs working for an export-import company, a secondhand bookshop, and a late night noodle bar, and after his debut with “Nisen Doka” (A Two Sen Copper Coin), he established his position overnight as a detective story writer. He went on to publish many works, including the Detective Akechi Kogoro series and novels with a strong leaning toward the grotesque. In 1947, he formed the Detective Writers’ Club and was elected first chairman. In 1963, he established Mystery Writers of Japan, Inc., and was appointed its first president. He left significant footsteps in Japan’s detective story world in both name and reality.

  • Association with Minato City
The mansion town of Azabu provided the backdrop for the boy detective group’s adventures

For a period just after arriving in Tokyo in 1912, Ranpo lived rent-free at his friend’s house near Azabu Ichinohashi. He moved around later on, but for a year from 1933 he lived in Kuruma-cho, Shiba Ward. However, he experienced writer’s block and stayed at the Cho Hotel in Azabu Ward for a long time. He still struggled to write, but after six months he moved to Ikebukuro. In the detective story for boys he published in 1936, he placed the office of the detective, Kogoro Akechi, in Ryudo-cho, Azabu, and wrote about the adventures of a boys’ detective group set in the mansion town of Azabu. Perhaps for Ranpo, Azabu was a perfect place to get inspirations for his detective stories.

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Tantei Shosetsu Yonjunen (40 years of Detective Stories) (Ranpo Edogawa / Kodansha Bunko)

  • Walking Points
The mansion town of Azabu, which became the stage for the boys’ detective group (Near 2-chome Nishi Azabu)

  • Literary Works
Edogawa Ranpo Suiri Bunko (Ranpo Egogawa Detective Stories), 65 volumes. (Kodansha Bunko)
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Tantei Shosetsu Yonjunen (40 Years of Detective Stories) (Ranpo Edogawa / Kodansha Bunko)
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