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Fuyo Oguri 関連写真

Fuyo Oguri

  • Biography
1875-1926. Writer. Born in Aichi Prefecture. Moved to Tokyo at the age of 17 and joined a literary society, Kenyusha, led by Koyo Ozaki. Studied literature under Ozaki and published highly socially satirical novels, such as Neoshiroi (Face Powder Before Bed) and Kikkozuru (a famous fictional sake). Although the love story about a writer from Aichi, Seishun (The Youth) became a best seller, but Ane no imoto (Sisters) published in 1909 was banned, and he spent his twilight years quietly focusing on writing in his hometown of Toyohashi.

  • Association with Minato City
Explored his style by changing his haunt from Koyokan to Ryudoken

Oguri moved to Tokyo in 1892 and studied under Koyo Ozaki. Koyo was then a writer much in vogue with about 200 students, but among all his students, Fuyo, Kyoka Izumi, Shusei Tokuda, and Yanagawa Shunyo were referred to as the Shitenno (the four heavenly kings). The main character in Aobudo (Green Grapes), published by Koyo in 1895, was based on Fuyo, and it describes how Koyo tried hard to nurse Fuyo who contracted cholera by eating green grapes. Fuyo supplemented Konjiki Yasha, which was unfinished due to Koyo’s death, and published Konjiki Yasha - Last Volume in 1909.

Although Fuyo frequented Koyo’s salon Koyokan in Shiba, after Koyo’s death, he also started to drop in at Ryudoken, in Azabu, a meeting place for naturalists, and tried his hand at producing naturalistic works. Although he attempted to grow out of popular writing into naturalist writing, he could never escape the influence of his teacher Koyo.

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  • Walking Points
Signpost for the site of Ryudoken (7-4-4 Roppongi)

  • Literary Works
Seishun (The Youth) 3 volumes (Iwanami Bunko)
Kikkozuru (Shunyodo)
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  • Related Publications
Seishu no yume - Fuyo to Kyotaro (Youth’s dream - Fuyo and Kyotaro) (Yotaro Konaka / Heigensha)
Bungaku Yobanashi - Sakka ga kataru sakka (A Literary Nighttime Chat - Writers Described by Writers) (Edited by the Japanese Centre of International P.E.N. / Kodansha)
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