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Naoya Shiga

  • Biography
1883-1971. Writer. In 1910, Shiga launched Shirakaba with Saneatsu Mushakoji. Through such works as Abashiri Made (To Abashiri) and Junkichi Otsu (Name of a character in this book) he came to be known as a brilliant short story writer. writing with a neat and accurate rhythm was viewed as one of the ideal styles of writing stories, and he helped to develop many writers who respected Shiga as their master, including Kiku Amino. His only full-length novel Anya Koro (A Dark Night’s Passing) is one of the masterpieces of modern Japanese literature.

  • Association with Minato City
Conflict with his father at the manor in Azabu (Please note that a manor is a house.)

Shiga moved to MIkawadai-cho, Azabu, in 1897 at the age of 14 and lived there for 15 years until he was 29. His home was a massive estate with an area of 5,560 square meters surrounded by trees. It had been acquired by his father, Naoharu, after succeeding in his business, and Shiga’s short story Kamisori (The Razor) and Abashiri made(To Abashiri)was set at that estate.

There was antagonism between him and his father, who opposed his becoming a writer, and in 1912 he left home to live in Onomichi. He later married the cousin of the famous writer Saneatsu Mushakoji and moved to Abiko. In 1917 the conflict with his father was resolved after he published Shiro no saki nite (At Jonosaki), and he wrote about it in the novel called Wakai (Reconciliation). He died in 1971. His funeral at Aoyama Reien was a secular service, as his will had instructed.

Nihon Jinmei Daijiten (Japanese Biographical Dictionary) (Kodansha)
Tokyo 10,000-po Walking No. 7 (Tokyo 10,000 Steps Walking No.7) (Written and edited by Noriko Kagotani / Shinju Shoin)

  • Walking Points
Tomb of Naoya Shiga (Aoyama Reien, 2-chome, Minamiaoyama)

  • Literary Works
Kozo no Kamisama - Kinosaki nite (The Servant Boy’s God - At Jonosaki) (Shincho Bunko) Anya Koro (Dark Night’s Passing) (Shincho Bunko) Wakai (Reconciliation) (Shincho Bunko) Seibei to Hyotan ? Abashiri made (Seibei’s Gourds ? To Abashiri) (Shincho Bunko)
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Shiga Naoya Parts 1 & 2 (Hiroyuki Agawa / Shincho Bunko) Naoya Shiga no hito to sakuhin (Naoya Shiga; The Man and his Works) (Hiroyuki Agawa / Gakushu Kenkyusha)
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