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From Konjiki Yasha (The Golden Demon) The First Part
Keishu Takeuchi関連写真
From Konjiki Yasha (The Golden Demon) The First Part

Keishu Takeuchi

  • Biography
1861-1942. Illustrator. Takeuchi studied drawing under Masanobu Karino and Yoshitoshi Tsukioka and started drawing illustrations for novels from around 1887. He created illustrations for novels by Koyo Ozaki and Bizan Kawakami of Kenyusha, and it was said that the novels by the popular writer Koyo were particularly associated with Takeuchi’s illustrations. After drawing the illustrations for the fairy tale by his contemporary at Kenyusha, Sazanami Iwaya, he drew many Japanese-style fairy tale illustrations for children’s magazines.

  • Association with Minato City
Takeuchi frequented the famous Koyokan restaurant and gained popularity as an illustrator

Takeuchi was such a good friend of Koyo Ozaki that he drew the illustrations for Ozaki’s outstanding work, Konjiki Yasha, and he frequented the exclusive restaurant Koyokan in Shiba Park with the inner group members of Kenyusha, such as Sazanami Iwaya, Shian Ishihashi, Bizan Kawakami, and Koyo Ozaki, who claimed that Koyokan was the best place to observe women. The progressive atmosphere of Koyokan, which was built in 1881 by the first president of the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, Takashi Koyasu, perfectly matched the ethos of a group of young writers and artists, the Kenyusha.

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