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Provided by the Kitasato Institute
Hideo Noguchi 関連写真
Provided by the Kitasato Institute

Hideo Noguchi

  • Biography
1876-1928. Bacteriologist. Born into a poor farming family in Fukushima, Noguchi severely burned and damaged his left hand when he was 1 year old and decided to become a doctor after seeing the doctor who was treating his burns when he was older. In 1893 he obtained his doctor’s license. After working as an assistant at the Institute of Infectious Diseases, he went to America in 1900, worked at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, and succeeded in isolating the pure culture of spirochete, the syphilis pathogen. He became an international figure. In 1928 he was infected with yellow fever while researching the disease in Accra (now the capital of Ghana) in West Africa and died at the age of 51.

  • Association with Minato City
Noguchi built his foundation as a researcher at the Institute of Infectious Diseases

Noguchi moved to Tokyo, where he depended on Morinosuke Chiwaki, who became his benefactor throughout his life. He studied at Saisei Gakusha School to become a doctor while helping out at the Takayama Dental College (now the Tokyo Dental College). The Takayama Dental College was at the top of Izarago Hill in Takanawa, and a monument marks the site there where dental education began.

After passing examinations to become a doctor, Noguchi developed an interest in bacteriology. The Institute of Infectious Diseases, founded by the prominent physician Shibazaburo Kitasato in Atago-cho, Shiba Ward, was then the leading institute in the field of bacteriology. Although a person was not allowed to join unless he or she had graduated from Teikoku University, Noguchi was allowed to by special permission, allowing him to acquire the knowledge that became the base for his subsequent success.

Concise Nihon Jinmei Jiten (Concise Japanese Biographical Dictionary) (Sanseido)
Noguchi Hideo (Shigeru Nakayama / Iwanami Shoten)

  • Walking Points
Site where dental education began (near the Izarago intersection, 4-18 Mita)

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