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Kuniko Mukoda

  • Biography
1929-1981. Script writer and writer. After editing movie magazines, Mukoda joined in the writing of the script for the TV drama Dial 110. She became a popular script writer after writing the scripts for Mori Shige no Juyaku Dokuhon (Mori Shige’s Executive Reader) for the radio and Shichinin no Mago (Seven Grandchildren), for a TV drama. Her outstanding TV dramas include Terauchi Kantaro IKka (Family of Kantaro Terauchi) and A, Un . She also displayed her talent in writing essays and novels, and in 1980 she was awarded the Naoki Award for the miniseries in Omoide Trump (The Playing Cards). Just when there was so much hope for her future, she died in a plane crash while traveling in Taiwan in 1981.

  • Association with Minato City
Wrote popular dramas in succession from Miyami-aoyama

Because of her father’s job in the insurance business, Mukoda changed homes from Utsunomiya to Kagoshima and then to Takamatsu when she was a girl, but she stayed at her maternal grandparents’ house in Azabu while she attended Jissen College for Women. After making her debut in 1964 with Shichinin no Mago (Seven Grandchildren), she lived alone in her apartment in Kasumi-cho (now 3-chome Nishiazabu).

In 1970, she moved to a condominium in Minami-Aoyama, which was convenient for meeting with her colleagues at the TV station, and from there she wrote in succession such popular dramas as Daikon no Hana (Radish Flower), Jikan Desuyo (It’s Time), and Ashura no Gotoku (Like Asura). She was also known as a gourmet food lover and had her sister, Kazuko, open a tavern, Mamaya, in Akasaka in 1978, which was popular for its family style fare.

Mukoda Kuniko TV Drama Zenshigoto (The Complete TV Dramas of Kuniko Mukoda) (Tokyo News Tsushinsha)
Mukoda Kuniko no Seisun (Kuniko Mukoda’s Adolescence) (Kazuko Mukoda / Bungei Shunju)

  • Literary Works
Omoide Trump (The Playing Cards) (Shincho Bunko)
Chichi no Wabijo (Father’s Letter of Apology) (Bunshun Bunko)
Nemuru Hai (The Dormant Cup) (Kodansha Bunko)
Yonaka no Bara (Midnight Rose) (Kodasha Bunko)
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  • Related Publications
Kakegae no nai okurimono: Mamaya to Ane Mukoda Kuniko (Precious Gifts: Mamaya and My Sister Kuniko Mukoda) (Kazuko Mukoda / Bunshun Bunko)
Yume Atatakaki: Mukoda Kuniko to no Nijunen (Dreams are Alive: 20 Years with Kuniko Mukoda) (Mitsuhiko Kuze / Kodansha)
Bunjin Boshoku (Writer’s Gluttony) (Mitsuzaburo Arashiyama / Magazine House)
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